Sunday, July 23, 2017

Faeries Books ~ Lore

Oops, I'm so sorry! Last weekend I got inspired after a photo about books I saw on Pinterest, and decided that it was time to make another lore snipped. I have joked several times with Merry not differentiating novels from history (here and here), so I think it is finally time I do something to explain why is that... and not only due to Merry's innocence.

So, thus I went to my biggest source of props... err... my mom's house xD I only have new books or college books, but she has tons of them, loads of them. And some are old! With gloriously yellowed pages and hardcovers with golden/silver details that were just what I had in mind. So picture me going out of her house, balancing an insane pile of books, while she was suggesting me to put them on a box to carry them easily xD

Anyways, as before, have a cute photo of Merry (no new outfit here, I just wanted to reuse this one, because it is lovely). The lore is under the cut!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lacy Regency

Thing was... I got bitten by the I need to sew something historical bug, followed by the OMG I love Regency gowns bug. I wanted to try something different for me, and wanted to make a lacy Regency gown... and my mom loves to put that girly stuff on her doll Calina, so I thought it would be the perfect occasion to make another dress for her.

Anyways, this post only contains dress photos, since I'm so proud of this gown (and my mom loved it!!). However, I have some hopefully funny anecdotes to share, about me fighting the fabrics and patterns. More under the cut!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Faeries' Portals ~ Lore

Hello! Well, this was one of my goals for the year: to share more about my doll's world. I originally wanted to start once I had my tinies' urethane eyes, but after that failure I decided to start anyways. I do hope to get them new eyes soon, though.

Okay, today I want to share a very small lore or details about my tinies' world: they are faeries, so everything is magical there. So, have a cute photo of Cookie on her new outfit (I did try to make that crossed vest and a front opening, and it ended up looking so cute!) and the lore is under the cut. There is no wall of text, just a couple paragraphs.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Interview with The Ugliest Wife

Hello there! Another month means another interview! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Kasia from The Ugliest Wife faceup service :D She does amazing work on BJDs, and also works and collects Blythes. As always, all images are used with permission, and the text is both in English and Spanish. So, without further ado... let's start!

Hello and thank you for doing the interview! Would you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello, thank you for having me! My name is Kasia, aka theugliestwife, and I create custom face-ups on dolls. I am based in beautiful part of Poland, where dogs are happy and grass is always green (well almost!). ;)
¡Hola, y gracias por hacer la entrevista! ¿Te introducirías para los lectores?
¡Hola, y gracias por invitarme! Mi nombre es Kasia, también conocida como theugliestwife, y yo realizo maquillajes personalizados en muñecas. Me encuentro en una hermosa zona de Polonia, donde los perros son felices y el césped es siempre verde (bueno, ¡casi siempre!) ;)

Faceup on Minifee Sia and LittleMonica Irina.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Researching BJDs: Mature 1/6 Dolls

And it is time for another of these posts! After so many people got either the Neemo bug or the Momoko bug, a small chat on Twitter about BJDs on this size made me want to share more info. I do hope people find this useful.

Anyways, this time, the post is about mature 1/6 dolls and I selected them with a rule of thumb, so please take in mind this is mostly done from my subjective point of view. I chose the dolls with the criteria of being around 25~30cm tall, and having a mature aesthetic (like a Barbie), not too stylized (by this I mean not childish, not huge eyes, not bobble headed). So, there are not YoSD dolls that 'look adult' in here. This list also includes male and female dolls, when I was able to find them.

Finally, for each brand, I share the following info: head and eyes size, faceups and skin tones availability, choices regarding the body, type of sales (preo-order/open to order), and other info such as reviews, or something else I can find.

Okay, the list starts under the cut, and all photos belong to the companies or artists!